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Manage Auto Service with FixIQ Pro

The simplest tool for organizing and structuring workflow Auto Service Car wash Tire fitting Detailing Commercial transport service Service of special equipment Light aviation service Water transport service
About FixIQ
Learn more about FixIQ Pro
How it works

Earn 30% more without additional costs

Auto service faster and easier

Auto service faster and easier

  • Intelligent assistant. FixIQ recommends the optimal workstation and performer, which allows you to use the power of the service 100%, without downtime and overlaps

  • Work calendars. The application displays the progress for each vehicle and predicts the completion date with the possibility of adjusting it

  • Reference guide of standard hours. Rely on the best practices, not the opinion of individual masters.

Control your business at every stage

Control your business at every stage

  • Interactive reporting. Analytics of key business indicators – workload, revenue, number of customers, average check and much more.

  • Employee schedules. Convenient planning and control of work shifts.

  • Client base. Access to the history of vehicle maintenance at any time.

Minimize the human factor

Minimize the human factor

  • Digital workflow. Work order, diagnostics reports, invoices, work completion certificates are automatically generated in the order card and become available for you and the client.

  • Control. Receive automatic notifications about overdue and unfulfilled tasks.

  • Communication history. The history of communication with the client remains in the system, and not in the manager’s phone.

  • Safety. Define levels of access and reach out to the customer base yourself. Cloud storage, Amazon servers, and DigitalOcean.

Sell faster and easier

Sell faster and easier

  • Vehicle bases.

  • Chat with the client. All communication history is saved and attached to a specific application. Forget about searching for dialogues in messenger chats.

  • Fast negotiation. Confirmation of work and purchase of spare parts from the client in the mobile application.

  • Online payment. Go to a new level of customer service — accept payments from customers online.

Get a stream of new customers

Get a stream of new customers

  • Auto business promotion. FixIQ will place the auto service data in the client application and on the website.

  • New clients. We provide you with orders – you do your job.

  • Digital reputation. FixIQ makes sure that all reviews about you are honest and only from real customers.

We’re already helping 1000+ clients in 7 countries

Who we work with

Which businesses are suitable for FixIQ Pro

  • Auto Repair Shop

  • Car wash

  • Tire fitting

  • Detailing

  • Commercial vehicle service

  • Light plane service

  • Light bus or bus service

  • Water transport service

FixIQ Pro for car business owners.

Everything you need to manage and improve work.

Development of functionality

Features of FixIQ PRO

  • 2022
    • Employee task management
    • Employee scheduling
    • Intelligent assistant for order distribution
    • Digitization of document workflow
    • Work dictionaries with standard hours
    • Customer chat in the order
    • Work calendar
    • Detailed reports on key performance indicators of the car shop
  • 2023
    • Mobile application for vehicle owners
    • Mobile application for technicians
    • Mobile application for service advisors
    • Core functionality for inventory management
    • Work and parts coordination with customer application
    • Advanced reports
  • 2024
    • Payroll calculation
    • Financial management
    • Parts procurement
    • Detailed inventory reports
    • Marketplace launch. Generating new customers for the car shop
    • Internal b2b marketplace for spare parts and services

Why choose FixIQ PRO

First impression and increased profitability

How we started using the app and doubled the number of customers. Our clients began recommending our service to their acquaintances.

Andriy Karpenko, owner of “Auto-Alpha” car shop.

Frequently asked questions

  • How will FixIQ Pro help me?

    FixIQ is a comprehensive system that integrates and automates all processes of auto repair shop, car wash, tire fitting or detailing center:
    – Control and automation of orders
    – Full online reports on auto service
    – Vehicle service history
    – Work schedule and employee schedules
    – Attracting new customers without additional advertising budgets

  • It’s difficult, my staff will not understand

    One of the advantages of FixIQ is simplicity. You can easily fill in the basic parameters, create online calendars for employees and workstations.
    Your employees will start working, and then the system will tell you about errors and automate workflows.
    FixIQ is designed so that anyone with a smartphone would use it successfully.

  • How do I get started with FixIQ?

    Click «Start for free» on this page, register and follow the further instructions that can be displayed on each page of the system by pressing «i».
    If you need help, you can always contact your personal manager.

  • How will the auto service work be improved?

    FixIQ provides special tools to improve your work:
    1) Pulling data and service history for the license plate when creating an order.
    2) Access to the database of standard hours for most popular car brands, which allows you to plan work faster.
    3) Generating a list of tasks for each day for all employees and reminders for urgent tasks.
    4) Automatic creation of orders, diagnostic acts, invoices and acts of work performed.

  • Is there a trial period to try the program?

    If you provide services for repair, washing, detailing, and other types of work with cars, you can test the software for free.

    You will be able to check how the program works and how it helps conduct and manage all car shop processes. You will have access to: working calendars, accounting, calculation of the cost of repair work for each car, feedback management, spare parts accounting, the ability to create your own customer base, comprehensive reporting for the entire car shop, and much more.

    The software has a free trial period with the support of a personal manager

  • Where do the reviews about my auto service come from?

    FixIQ collects feedback from every customer who was served by you. This will help you improve the level of service and help other customers make choices in your favor

  • Is it possible to print service documents?

    All documents from the system can be downloaded in pdf format and printed.

  • What does the customer see in the app?

    The client will see the status of his vehicle through our free mobile application. – The client can see the progress of the repair on their vehicle through our free mobile app.

    This will help the auto service avoid – It can help for the auto service manager to avoid

    In order to successfully manage and record the affairs of a auto service –
    For the successful management and accounting of auto services, it is important to utilize modern technologies in the business.

  • Can we trust FixIQ with our data?

    Sure. Our software allows you to maintain complete confidentiality for each client and employee of your car shop. You don’t have to worry that information about car repair, accounting, cost calculation, and the employee schedule will be publicly available. The program stores all service history and documentation in the car shop profile and is viewable only by the owner.

  • How to prepare a report in FixIQ?

    Business reports in the FixIQ system are available only to company managers. Just go to the “Reports” section to view the main indicators and analyze the efficiency of running your business. The system can show the following information:
    – number of car visits
    – average check
    – the number and income from the services of the car shop that are completed or planned
    – previous and canceled visits
    – the number and amount of transactions for a certain period
    – workload of the workplaces (lifts, etc.)
    – accounting
    In the FixIQ program, management and accounting of financial and material resources, employee work calendars, customer base and much more is available to every owner of an auto repair shop.

  • How does FixIQ save the auto service manager’s time?

    Auto repair business takes quite a lot of time if you do it manually. Often, owners are faced with the question: “How to organize accounting at a auto service?”

    The system helps in creating a database and keeping records of business customers, accounting of vehicles at the auto service, accounting of spare parts, and creating a complete online report for the entire auto service.

    Accounting. In addition to accountants, you can do accounting on FixIQ. It is with the help of proper accounting that the owner will be able to control the work of the enterprise and employees.
    The FixIQ program turns accounting from a complex task into an understandable procedure. The platform allows you to keep track of fixed assets, as well as every service provided to a auto service, quickly, easily and without headaches.

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