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Staff schedule

To go to the staff schedule, click on “Staff Schedule” in the side menu. Or go to the car service profile → Employees → To schedule.

To find a specific employee’s schedule, use the filter. You can search for an employee by date, position, or name.

Editing schedule

To view or make a schedule, select a day in the table. To select multiple days for editing, press CTRL (Microsoft Windows) or Command (Apple Mac) and use the mouse or touchpad to select the days.

An editing panel will open on the right side. Choose the type of day, and specify the work shift hours.

Types of days are divided into working days, vacations, weekends, and sick days.

To plan the schedule of employees for a certain period, use autofill. To apply auto-filling of the graph, fill in the fields:
– employee’s work schedule. For example, 2 in 2 or 5 in 2 (Monday to Friday).
– the calendar interval for which this schedule will be relevant. For example, from 04/25/2022 to 09/04/2022.

Autofill can also be used to schedule weekends.

After entering the data, click the “Apply” button.

Marks in the schedule

The types of marks in the schedule can be:

Before admission or dismissal (Not working (employee has not yet started work))
Sick leave
The schedule ends

Schedule completion reminder

If you see that the master’s name is highlighted in red in the calendar, this indicates that the employee’s work schedule is ending and needs to be updated.
Reminders appear seven days before the end of the employee’s work schedule.
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