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Today’s tasks

Employees can view their daily tasks by clicking on the button “Tasks for today” in the left side menu.
By default, today’s tasks are opened. They are displayed in chronological order. Thanks to this, the employee sees the actual tasks that they need to complete.
You can find the task you need by status or by search.

To view tasks for other days, select the preferred date.

Tasks are divided into three categories: New car entries, Active, and Completed.

In the “New car arrivals” section, there are orders under the statuses “New order” and “Entry confirmed.”

The status “New order” requires coordination of work and spare parts with the client. The work order with the status “Enrollment confirmed” displays the date and time of the car check-in.

The “Active” section displays work statuses by car and the date and time of the start or end of work.

The “Completed” section will display today’s orders with fulfilled or canceled status.

All section categories are available for receivers or service managers. Only the categories “Active” and “Completed car arrivals” are available for masters.

The block “Tasks for today” is individual for each employee. You must have the appropriate access to view another employee’s tasks.
Receivers, administrators, and super administrators have full access to information.

Click on the corresponding line with an order to go to one or another task.

Suppose you see that the line of the order in the database is highlighted in red. In that case, this indicates that the time of execution of the work on the application is overdue or the application contains incorrect information.
Consider this and update your order.
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