Knowledge base

    • Creating a service profile

      For full automation of all processes in your auto enterprise, it is necessary to fill in the service data, namely: contact information, working hours, specialization, information about workstations, employees, service offerings, and service classes. This is the first step towards improving the processes of your auto enterprise.
    • For managers and owners

      Thanks to detailed reports, you can analyze the performance of your automotive business and employees. The "Client Database" section structures and securely stores the complete history of your clients' work orders. Manage multiple branches of your auto service in a single FixIQ system.
    • Work processes in FixIQ

      FixIQ digitizes the work processes of an auto service: work calendar, employee schedules, creation and execution of work orders. Employees see their daily tasks in a simple and understandable format. As a result, employees work more efficiently and the service increases its revenue.
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