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Reports in FixIQ Pro are available only to company managers. You can view basic indicators to analyze and control your business.

Select the corresponding item in the left-side menu to go to the reports.

Select the period you want to view the report in the upper right corner.
The results of your company’s work will be displayed in the graphs:
Number of records
Number of car arrivals;
Average check;
Margin, goods;
Records by FixIQ
Previous records;
Canceled entries;
General load of the service and workstations.

To view the number of records for the period, go to the “Number of records” block.

Records are appeals to your car service. They differ from car arrivals as car arrivals are actual orders. Records are car arrivals combined with planned and canceled orders.

The green indicates the number of records from new customers; the blue indicates records from regular customers.

In the “Number of car arrivals” section, you will also see new customers marked in green; regular customers marked in blue.
Thanks to these indicators, you can follow the growth dynamics of new and returning regular customers.

In the “Average check” block, the amount of the average check for services is displayed in green, and the average check for sold auto goods and spare parts is in blue.
The total number of transactions for services or parts is located above the charts.

The “Cash flow” section displays the total flow of funds.
The amount of turnover for services is displayed in green, and in blue for sold auto goods and spare parts.

The block “Previous entries” allows the enterprise manager to view the number of scheduled entries to the car service.
Here, new clients are also marked in green and blue ones are regular.

In the “Cancelled Entries” block, you will see the number of customers who did not receive the service at the scheduled time for one reason or another. Canceling a recording can be done by the client and the service.

The number of entries from the FixIQ website and mobile app will be displayed in the FixIQ entries section.

To drill down on any chart column, click on it and get the filtered orders displayed in the chart. To expand the list of orders, you can change the dates or use filters.

The load of workstations and the service as a whole is displayed in a pie chart in the lower right corner.
You can select one, several, or all jobs for analysis.
The chart helps to evaluate the load of your posts in the section of the selected dates. You will understand which posts you have uploaded and which ones you need to pay attention to.
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