Knowledge base

Client database

To view the client database, click on the “Clients” button in the left-side menu.
Only the administrator and super administrator have access to the entire customer base.

In the search, employees can find the client’s data by specifying the name, car number, phone number, or VIN code.
With full access to the customer base, you will see the data as a table.

To search for a specific client’s card, enter his personal data or car data. To view detailed information, click on one particular client in the table.

Client profile

By clicking on a client in the database, you go to his personal profile, where his personal information, a list of cars, and the history of orders are indicated.
You get to a page with detailed information about the car by clicking on a car.

By clicking on the deadline for the order, you will be taken to a page with detailed information about the application.

You can edit information, create a new request, create a reminder, and write or call the customer.

Creating a client profile

To create a new profile, click the “Add client” button.

Enter the customer’s phone number, name, and email address.

Fill in the required data about the car: license plate number, brand and model, and year of manufacture.
VIN code (WAUZZZ44ZEN096063 not to be announced), date of the last visit, and the total number of visits are optional. Also, indicate whether the client is the owner of the car or a trusted person.

You can add multiple customer cars.

After entering the data, click the “Create profile” button.
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