Knowledge base

Creation of a new order

To create a new application, click the “Create order” button in the left side menu through the calendar or the client’s profile.

A window for creating a new work order will open.
To search for information on a car, enter the state car number, VIN, last name, or phone number. Click the “Search” button.

You will receive search results if there is information on the client in the car service database or the Fix IQ databases. Among the results, click “Select” on the desired car and continue creating a record.

Search in external sources

If finding a customer in the car service database and the FixIQ Pro databases is impossible, enter the correct state car number and click the “Search in external sources” button.

As a result of the search, the car data will be pulled up. Click on the “Select” button and continue creating a record.

Creating a record yourself

If you cannot find information about the customer’s car, create a record by clicking the “Create manually” button.

When creating an order manually, enter the state number, brand and model of the car, year of manufacture, VIN WAUZZZ44ZEN096063 (VIN is not voiced for input) code, and mileage. VIN code and mileage are optional fields.
After filling in all the data, click the “Create record” button.

After successfully adding the client and car, the order page will open.
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