A Transparent Car Service, or an IT Startup Compared to Managing a Business through a Notebook

Automobile Management Software

FixIQ Pro is an IT company that specializes in developing software for automobile management software and maintenance. The project was established in 2021 and comprises two main components: SAAS for car services and a mobile application designed for vehicle owners.

We delve into the inception of the idea behind FixIQ Pro, originating from the challenges faced by garages, the operational disorder prevalent at service stations, the importance of selecting a workshop conveniently, and the significance of receiving honest feedback from drivers. In essence, the project aims to elevate car services to a new echelon of technological advancement, intelligence, and profitability.

What inspired the creation of FixIQ Pro?

The genesis of the FixIQ Pro concept stemmed from our market evaluation as car owners. Recognizing the archaic nature of the automotive industry, we identified a dearth of modern digital technologies.

An unsettling revelation was the disarray within service stations. Our analysis uncovered a prevalent trend: 50% of auto repair shops relied on manual record-keeping methods using paper or marker boards, while the remaining half utilized spreadsheets or outdated software. Consequently, missed deadlines and compromised quality were all too common.

Communication with service providers presented its own set of challenges. More often than not, it was the clients who had to proactively inquire about the status of their vehicles, as service stations frequently failed to provide timely updates.

Merely 6% of the market had adopted CRM systems. Thus, the concept of creating a comprehensive platform that digitizes all operational processes within car services and fosters client relationships was born.

What issues does FixIQ Pro address?

The project comprises two main components: FixIQ Pro , a Software as a Service (SAAS) solution for auto services that enhances operational efficiency, profitability, and growth within the automotive industry. The second element is a mobile application tailored for vehicle owners, currently in the development phase.

A significant portion of car service center owners initially worked as mechanics and gradually transitioned to establishing their workshops. While adept at vehicle repairs, many lack the acumen for business development—a gap that we aim to bridge.

FixIQ Pro functions as a comprehensive tool that mitigates human error in various processes such as accounting, reporting, management, planning, and warehouse supervision. By eliminating the necessity for constant physical oversight and control, our platform addresses a common request from owners, particularly those still reliant on manual record-keeping methods like paper or marker boards. With all pertinent information readily accessible at their fingertips, users can swiftly retrieve any data with a single touch.

Each task assigned to a vehicle, along with the mechanics responsible for its completion, is meticulously logged into the system. This data is processed and presented through a user-friendly interface. Mechanics can conveniently access their daily schedules remotely at any given time and track their earnings accordingly.

Our solution alleviates the operational headaches faced by service providers, streamlining their workflow and fostering organizational efficiency. This resonates with many users, who appreciate our innovative approach. Moreover, we actively solicit feedback and suggestions from services to incorporate additional features, enhancements, and conveniences into FixIQ Pro.

Future Plans

Having successfully onboarded over 1,000 auto repair shops—a key milestone for us—we are now setting our sights on penetrating the markets of the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. These regions still witness a prevalence of manual business management practices, and we are dedicated to facilitating smoother and more efficient operations for as many individuals as possible.

In the pipeline is the integration of our platform with parts suppliers, insurance companies, and other essential services to offer a comprehensive solution that caters to all requirements within a single user-friendly application.

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