What is CRM for Auto Services, and What Are Its Advantages?

A CRM system, or Customer Relationship Management system, is a set of technologies and strategies aimed at enhancing customer interaction and managing business operations. This system helps collect, analyze, and utilize customer data to improve service, increase sales, and retain customers.

Often, there is a misconception that CRM is a tool designed only for large businesses. But this is far from the truth. According to statistics, about 33% of small businesses have already successfully implemented CRM for automation. Let’s explore the key business processes that can be automated in an auto service using CRM.


With the FixIQ auto service program, work can be quickly distributed among employees with just a few clicks. Managing slots in the schedule allows for maximum efficiency and speed of service in an auto service shop. From your computer, you can allocate work hours. If an employee unexpectedly drops out of the work process, you can easily delegate the task to another worker by moving it from one schedule to another.

Digital Document Management

CRM for auto services offers a wide range of reporting capabilities. The program automatically generates reports on the workload of repair terminals, tracking of advances and salaries, as well as business performance analytics. With the FixIQ auto service program, you can include data on revenue, number of clients, average check, etc., in your business development plan.

Internal Communication

No more lost contacts or dialogues in messengers. In the CRM, all business communication between the owner, employees, and clients is centralized. Your data is fully secure. Dialogues are automatically saved, and only the owner has access to them.

Business Promotion

A CRM program for auto services can also promote your business and reduce your advertising costs. FixIQ will place your auto service information in the client app and on the website. Enjoy a flow of new clients without extra effort. No need to fear negative reviews from competitors, as all comments are moderated for authenticity.

Database Management and Interaction

FixIQ can quickly and accurately create client databases, add data to existing ones, and manage information from various databases. With the client database, you can access service history at any time.

Advantages of CRM for the Auto Business

As we can see, CRM for auto services can significantly simplify the life of the owner by automating a wide range of business processes. The scope of business processes that can be automated with an auto service program is not limited to those described above. Discover all the possibilities of CRM systems for auto services with FixIQ. Here are the benefits we offer:

  • Optimization of vehicle service.
  • Automatic customer service control at all stages.
  • Minimization of the human factor.
  • Optimization and automation of sales through convenient communication and payment systems.
  • Accounting and inventory management of available parts.

Investing in CRM FixIQ allows you to focus on what you love without getting distracted by tedious administrative tasks. Moreover, it can help you reduce costs on unnecessary administrative staff or relieve these tasks from the mechanics. This will make your auto service as optimized as possible, with no room for unnecessary rules, practices, or people.


A CRM system is an innovative practice in the auto business. It performs essential tasks in managing customer relationships. For small businesses, it is a true panacea, as it significantly reduces the number of hired employees and makes it possible to manage the business automatically from anywhere at any time. The main advantage of a CRM program for auto services is the elimination of the human factor. With FixIQ, nothing gets lost or forgotten, as all important information is stored in one place.

FixIQ simplifies life not only for the owner but also for employees. The schedule and allocation of work hours bring clarity to the work process and confidence in the correct calculation of wages. It also greatly benefits clients. With the FixIQ CRM for auto services, you can achieve maximum comfort throughout the service process, from instant communication with the client in the chat to instant online payment for the service. FixIQ guarantees reliability, security, and quality service for all participants in the process without exception.

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