3 Main Stations in an Auto Service Shop

Mechanics perform repair work and vehicle component replacements at designated stations equipped with inspection tools, mechanization aids, and a full set of instruments. Let’s take a look at the main stations you need when just opening a car repair service.

Station #1: Universal Maintenance and Repairs

  • Purpose: A universal station allows for a variety of standard maintenance and repair tasks. These stations are typically found in small operational or repair facilities.
  • Essential Equipment: Two-column lift (capable of handling up to 4 tons, safe, reliable, with a warranty of at least 10 years), portable fluorescent lamp, transmission jack, 15-ton hydraulic press, engine crane, mobile tool cart, complete toolset, and a workbench with a vise.
  • Services Offered: General and locksmith services.

Station #2: Alignment and Suspension

  • Purpose: For more comprehensive operations, this station is designed for alignment adjustments and suspension repairs.
  • Essential Equipment: Inspection pit or a four-column lift, alignment stand, and appropriate tools for suspension maintenance.

Station #3: Electronics Repair

  • Purpose: This station is designated for electronics repair, a commonly neglected but essential service.
  • Vital Asset: Expertise of a seasoned electrician.
  • Essential Equipment: Injector cleaning and flushing stand, a four-component gas analyzer with lambda probe, oscilloscope, diagnostic tool cart, sets of insulated screwdrivers and pliers, testers, specialized tools, engine testers, and scanners.

You will initially need these three stations to run your auto service shop.

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