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Service classes

Vehicle maintenance classes are required to quickly and correctly select the cost of maintenance hours for different vehicles.
For example, the cost of a standard hour for a budget car may differ from that for a premium car.

Press the “Add service class” button to create a new service class.

Give the name, cost per standard hour, type, and brands of vehicles you are planning to serve in this class.

Once you have entered the data, press the “Save” button.

List of service classes

Once you have successfully saved your data, you will be taken to the list of classes of service. The system automatically assigns the first class you have added as the ‘default class.’

The default class is the class of service that is automatically entered on the job order. You can change it at any time.

To edit the service class, press the “Pencil” button.
To delete a service class, press the “Bin” button.
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