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When you go to the Service section, you will see an already generated table of your workshop’s services after filling in the data on employees and workstations.

You can search for services by category—for example, electrical system, diagnostics, engine, etc.
By brand or vehicle type.

You can add or modify an existing service. You can deactivate a service, and modify the quote: fixed price or standard hour. Change the cost of the service or the number of working hours required to complete the service.

Fixed price is the cost of the service for which it is provided.

Standard hours are the number of working hours required for the service. To estimate the service cost, the number of standard hours is multiplied by the cost of the service.

If you have navigated to the services section without filling in the job and employee information or to add new services, click on “Add from directory” or “Add service manually.” 
When adding a service from the directory, select the service categories and the service itself or search for the service name and click “Save.”

When adding a service manually, press the “Add manually” button. Specify the name of the service and briefly describe what kind of problem the service can solve.

For example: 
Service name: Diesel engine diagnosis.
The service description: We diagnose all kinds of faults in all types of diesel engines.
The problems the service solves:
Troubles with the diesel engine, the engine does not start, the diesel engine glows, the engine triples, diesel engine repair

Choose how you want to estimate the cost of the service. This can be a fixed cost or the number of working hours required for the service.

Remember to save the data.

After successfully adding services and saving, you will return to the table with the list of services.
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