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To create a workstation in the system, press the “Add workstation” button.

Station name and type

You can enter a short name for the workstation and select its type. For example, Station No. 1, Lift.

Adding the services of a workstation

Add the services that can be performed on this station. These are the services you can use when creating work orders.

Click “Add a service,” select a category and services from the directory or search for them.

You can also manually add a service type if it is not in the catalog. To do so, select a category, write the service name and briefly describe which problem the service can solve.

For example:

Service name: Diesel engine diagnosis.
Service description: We diagnose all types of faults in diesel engines.
The problems that this service solves:
Malfunctions of the diesel engine, the engine does not start, diesel engine stalls, engine triples, diesel engine repair.

Choose how you would like the cost of the service to be estimated. This can be a fixed cost or the service’s required number of working hours.

After filling in the workstation information, press the “Save” button.
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