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Add a new employee by clicking on the “Add employee” button.

Fill in the basic details of the employee:
Full name;
Phone number;
Access level;
Date of hire.

When adding a position, you can specify any title following the regulations of your company. When entering a title, the system will prompt you for possible jobs.

By specifying the access level, you give the employee the options available in FixIQ Pro.

Super administrator. Has the fullest rights, and can view and edit sections of the system.

Administrator. Has access to system sections: workshop profile, calendar, reports, customers, customer chat, work order (access to active), support, knowledge base, and car profile.

Receptionist. Has access to system sections: calendar, customers, customer chat, work order (access to active), support, knowledge base, and car profile.

Receiver. Has access to system sections: tasks to date, job order (access to active), internal chat, knowledge base, and car profile.

Fill in all the details and click on the “Invite to FixIQ Pro” button. An SMS will be sent to the employee with an active registration link.

Adding employee services

Click “Add a service,” select a category and services from the directory or search for it.

You can also manually add an employee service if it is not in the directory. To do so, select a category, write the name of the service and briefly describe what kind of problem the service can solve. 

For example: 
Service name: Diesel engine diagnosis.
Service description: We diagnose all types of faults in all types of diesel engines.
Problems that the service solves:
Troubles with a diesel engine, the engine does not start, the diesel engine stalls, the engine triples, repair of the diesel engine.

Choose how the service cost is estimated. This can be a fixed cost or the required number of working hours for the service.

After adding the service, press the “Save changes” button.

List of employees

After successfully saving your data, you will be taken to the list of employees. To quickly find information about a specific employee, use filters. You can find an employee by status, position, access level, or search.

In the Employees section, you can edit any employee, and go to their schedule or the calendar of work tasks.

The status of an employee is automatically determined according to their work schedule.
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